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Residential & Commercial

We can do any job, big or small, we have the experience, skill, technology  and the necessary manpower for completing any size project.

Drywall Installation

It is crucial for us to do the estimation of materials right, so the installation of the drywall is as easy and fast as possible. Ordering the right kind and size of wallboard is imperative for starting the job right from the beginning.

Drywall Finishing

This is where DrywallWiz LLC rises to the top. Drywall finishing is the dreaded task for many contractors, and maybe that why so many of them are delivering semi-finished drywall jobs. Don’t fall for this. We have dedicated crew of drywall finishers, each of them with 5+ years of experience,  exclusively working on taping and finishing drywall ONLY.

Drywall Repair

Water damage on your walls is just reality, happens all the time. Structural cracks on new construction homes are also very common. Or maybe you didn’t like that headlight where it was and decided it should be moved elsewhere, but now you have a hole in your ceiling to patch. Usually, we can get this kind of drywall repairs done in the same day!

Skim Coating & Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Get your walls ready for painting the right way. Too many times we see people skip the important step of properly preparing the walls before painting. Big mistake! A good quality skim coat will often give old rooms a new modern look! We can also take care of your  popcorn ceilings and give you the desired smooth surface.


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